Beard Tailoring

The beard tailoring is the customization of the Beard Grooming with the most sought after Seattle straight razor shave. This also includes a facial massage and hot towels.
     This is for a man that wants that EPIC beard. Starting with a slight tapering with a line on the upper cheek, and tighter tapering with a hard line on the top of the neck. From the profile, your beard will be longer at the chin and tighter at the nape of the neck. Beard grooming is for that STRONG profile- not a baggie beard one starts to achieve when trying to maintaining a look for themselves by just looking in the mirror face on. A hard line (optional) at the nape of the neck, this will be your base point of the tapering from neck to chin. This is great for you, you will be able to follow easily for low at-home maintenance. This treatment includes a facial massage and hot towel treatment.

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